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ImigraBrasil - Immigration Consulting Services

ImigraBrasil is a Legal Consulting Service specialized in foreign immigration to Brazil. We're based in Fortaleza, Ceará,  in the Northeast coastal area of Brazil. Our main areas of expertise focus in foreign investors support and visa application procedures.

Foreign Investors Support 

Our team of highly trained professionals are ready to render all immigration services to foreign investors. Our holistic approach to every client's case allows us to help each one of them from the analysis of market opportunities within Brazilian territory to financial counseling for the operating company.

Visa Application Procedures

Our well learned and connected team of professionals work closely to governamental immigration related organisms, facilitating communications and improving service performances. We've developed an operations methodology that,  along with our proprietary computer systems, contitutes the most effective framework for this burocracy intensive activity.

Most common cases of visa applications

  • Foreign Investor: Foreign willing to make a direct foregin investments in brazilian productive activities.
  • Foreign Executive: Foreign Administrator, Manager, Director and Executive to manage a Civil or Commercial business 
  • Technical Assistance: Individuals willing to enter in Brazil to render technical services foreign to firms that are established in the national territory, without employment contract.
  • Employed Foreigner:Individuals coming to Brazil to work for a temporary period employed at a Brazilian company in a position requiring special knowledge.
  • Artists or Sports Persons: Individuals without emplyment in Brazil to enter the country in order to participate in specific and determined artistic or sports events .
  • Ship and Platform:Foreign crewmember of a foreign fishing ship,foreign tourism ship or foreign embarkation or platform to enter and remain in Brazilian territorial waters.
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